Dec 7, 2019
About this depository.

While there are certainly many ways by which a work is realized, it is common to most that there is a methodology of production. When one sets out to make a work, here begins the extensive procedural exploration of its bounds. "What" the work becomes is often as much discovered as a result of these explorations as it is created by them. A work has a process.

I seek to ask, in part with the documentations deposited on this website, to what extent a work is indeed bound by its process. Simply put, is there a process without a work? Is there a work without a process?

It is my suspicion that although a productive force is excitingly harnessed within a process as a result of a projected work, it is not necessary that they are exclusive to one another. Which is to say: process are the flexible artefacts from which works are expressed, and can be endlessly reanimated and applied. The form which the work takes is shaped from these plastic materials, but does not define them.

This website is a depository which contains found and invented artefacts of a varied type presented within a rigid bounds. The 8.5" x 11" (US Letter) page, in its physical spatial dimensionality, is helpfully understood here to also bear conceptual significance. Fragments of a processual imaginary are materially indexed, and as a result are conceptually demarcated.

When stacked, as shown on this website, an additional dimension of intention is expressed: no longer exclusively material but compositional. The fragment of the processual imaginary is grouped alongside other fragments and becomes more stable. No longer individually floating, the US Letter pages find stability in a stack. Their material presence is understood and registered in a room. A mass, rather than a surface, a work rather than an artefact.

It is this hopeful effort of printing, stacking, scanning, and uploading to reveal the plastic nature of a work in relation to a process and as a result unbind them.